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International business

Target groups

The offer is addressed to graduate first degree studies in the areas of education, "Economics" and "Management", "Finance and Accounting", "International Economic Relations" interested in gaining or deepening of knowledge and skills in the field of international business. Studies on the specialization graduates may also take an area of studies "Tourism" wanting to get a qualification in the field of international business. In addition, expansion of expertise may be interested in people working in companies and institutions operating in international markets due to the need for constant verification of theoretical and practical knowledge in this field.

A graduate of the second degree studies in the "Economy" with a specialization in "International Business" overall economic well acquainted with the field of economics, the economics of international trade, business economics, European integration, international law.

Moreover a graduate has knowledge in:

1. functioning of commodity markets and the global market
2. business activities in international markets
3. accounting and international finance
4. international banking
5. transnational corporations
6. functioning of global supply chains

A graduate of the second degree area "Economy" specialty "International Business" gains the following skills:

1. analysis and interpretation costs in the company for the purposes of decision-making
2. assessment of the condition of the companies and their competition in the international market
3. analysis and interpretation of economic phenomena
4. preparation of development plans for companies operating in global markets
5. strategic decision-making in a firm"s global markets
6. negotiate with business partners
7. implementation of innovative solutions in the enterprise

Personal and social competence

A graduate of the second degree area "Economy" specialty "International Business":

1. has the competence to independent work, including management positions in foreign trade enterprises in trade and logistics cell of manufacturing companies
2. has an essential competence to work in consulting companies
3. has the ability to work in a team
4. has the power to conduct an independent economic activity
5. can communicate with the environment
6. is active in the expansion of knowledge of economics and international trade
7. is aware of ethical behavior in business

Practical Preparation

Practical preparation includes expert lectures and workshops conducted by practitioners in the area of international trade and international banking.

Employment prospects

The obtained results allow the graduate specialty training "International Business":

1. work as a specialist in the import and export trade company, production companies engaged in trading activities in foreign markets
2. work as a trade specialist in international corporations
3. working in local government administration
4. work in the chambers of commerce and economic
5. work in the cells responsible for the economic analysis of production and trade
6. work in transport companies, logistics service providers in positions related to the area of trade




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