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International Marketing and Branding

The aim of studies

The aim of International Marketing and Branding Study Program is to teach independently and professionally analyze, plan, prepare marketing strategies and apply marketing decisions of a company in international markets, as well as develop an identity (branding) of a company, product or brand in international markets.

 The acquired competences

  At the end of studies you will be:

- Able to plan and implement international marketing solutions and manage branding of a company or a product;

- Qualified to do marketing and market research, to identify the differences in consumer behaviour in international markets, to develop and implement international marketing strategies, to create competitive marketing mixes for international markets;

- Able to foresee product development opportunities and make a plan for introduction of a new product to foreign markets, to manage company’s product brand, to develop, install and manage business, product or service branding, to apply different branding strategies in international markets, to evaluate operational efficiency of a company’s international marketing and branding.

The main course units

 Students also acquire other necessary knowledge for work in international markets. During studies students perform internships, write thesis (project).

Career opportunities

International Marketing and Branding specialists will be able to work as consultants or specialists in marketing departments of international companies, also in companies that operate in or intend to enter foreign markets; also in advertising and marketing agencies that develop international projects and provide services of company marketing and branding.

 About joint degree

Joint degree programs are study programs implemented together with foreign partners in full agreement of study content and implementation conditions. Students, who complete the studies successfully and spend the established part of study period in partner institutions, receive a joint diploma of both educational institutions.

JOINT DEGREE IN INTERNATIONAL MARKETING AND BRANDING is implemented together with the partner in Lithuania - The University of Applied Social Sciences  in Klaipeda.

Choosing this program is to get an opportunity to study in two countries and two institutions (Poland – Lithuania – Poland ). You will be granted a joint diploma from the both institutions.

All international study programs last 3 years and totals 180 (ECTS) credits. Graduates from this study program receive a Professional Bachelor’s Degree.

If desired, you may continue your studies at any university around the world, as the SMK and UE credits are fully transferable and accepted not only in the entire EU but also all over the world.

The University of Economy in Bydgoszcz intensively cooperates with European higher education institutions where you can spend a part of your studies according to bilateral cooperation agreements.



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